Candelaria Turquoise Jewelry

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Showing all 4 results

Candelaria Turquoise Jewelry for Sale!

Here you will find our entire online inventory of Jewelry with Turquoise specifically from the Candelaria Turquoise mine in Nevada.

Candelaria Turquoise Mine

Candelaria Turquoise has become one of the most collectible and desirable turquoises in the world.  The Candelaria Turquoise mine consists of several claims located in the Candelaria hills of Mineral County, Nevada.  Primarily mined for its copper, silver, and gold, the finest Candelaria Turquoise was extracted from the Northern Belle open pit silver mine in an area that is so remote and inaccessible, that the stone was almost unattainable.  The large ore company used to occasionally lease out the claims to a few turquoise mining companies.  No turquoise mining has taken place there for many years.  Candelaria Turquoise is a high-quality stone of mostly high blue color.  Candelaria is considered to be a collectable Turquoise because of its rarity, its gem grade quality hardness, and the visual appeal of almost everything that came out of the mine.