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Our online inventory of hand-crafted jewelry by award-winning jeweler and artist, Dina Huntinghorse.
Dina Huntinghorse is a member of the Wichita Tribe located in Oklahoma, near Anadarko. Dina’s career in art began with drawing & painting horses. Dina was later taught beadwork by an aunt, and she became known for her traditional deerskin purses decorated with beads. Dina Huntinghorse began creating jewelry in 1989 with her husband, the late Navajo jeweler Herbert Taylor, when Herbert became her mentor. The jewelry of Dina Huntinghorse is often a blend of both traditional and contemporary designs & techniques. Her respect for the wolf and her love of horses are often seen in her exceptional jewelry work.
Dina Huntinghorse is the sister of Fortune Huntinghorse, who is also an award-winning jewelry artist.