Morenci Turquoise Jewelry

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Showing all 8 results

Morenci Turquoise Jewelry For Sale!

Here you will find our entire online selection of Jewelry with Turquoise specifically from the Morenci Turquoise Mine in Arizona.

Morenci Turquoise

The Morenci Turquoise mine is one of the most famous turquoise mines in the world.  Morenci was one of the very first American turquoises to come onto the market.  For many years, it was a major producer of natural turquoise for commercial use, primarily in Native American jewelry and other Southwestern jewelry styles.  Although there are color & matrix variations, Morenci has been well-known and very recognizable for its true blue color (often with a black matrix) and unusual pyrite inclusions (that look silver when polished).  Morenci Turquoise has always been a very desirable stone because of its visual appeal.

Located in Southeastern Arizona, the Morenci mine was originally the largest copper mine in the United States.  First claimed in 1864, it reportedly began producing copper around 1880.  As with many copper mines, some beautiful blue stones were found along with the copper.

The mine now being completely depleted, Morenci Turquoise is rare and very difficult to obtain.  High-quality Morenci Turquoise is quite collectible due to its beauty, recognizability, and rarity.