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Ranger Buckle Sets

Native American Ranger Buckle Sets For Sale!

Here you find our online inventory of Native American Indian ‘Ranger Buckles’ Belt Buckles for sale.  All of our Ranger Buckle Sets (and other belt buckles) are handmade by talented artists trained in traditional silversmithing, inlaying, and jewelry making techniques.  Each Ranger Buckle Set is unique and wonderful! These belt buckles are equally appropriate for men or for women.

Ranger Buckles are known to have originally been worn by Texas Rangers, and other old west lawmen.  Ranger Belt Buckles usually have 3 or 4 pieces, including the buckle, the tip, and 1 or 2 keepers (or eyes).

We have black or brown calf leather belts as well as black or brown Crocodile belts available in almost all sizes.  We would be happy to help you select the right belt to go with your new Ranger Buckle Set – please inquire!