Tall Joy Navasie Hopi Whiteware Pottery Jar


Tall Impressive Hopi Pottery Jar by Joy Navasie (1919 – 2012).  A wonderful pottery piece! Hand-built with precise painting.  Joy Navasie is among the most famous and prolific Hopi-Tewa potters.  A legend, she was known as “Frog Woman”.  This name was also carried by her mother, famous and innovative pottery artist Paqua Naha.  Her mother taught her Hopi traditions and pottery making.  Joy Navasie began her career around 1935, and she began signing her pottery with a Frog Hallmark around 1939 or 1940.  Paqua Naha signed her pottery with a frog having toes; but Joy Navasie used a frog with webbed feet.  Joy most often created works in the black and red on white slip style pottery.  Many credit her mother, Paqua Naha, with developing white ware pottery in the early 1950’s.  Please watch the quick video!

  • Artist: Joy Navasie 'Frogwoman'
  • Width: 8" Diameter
  • Height: 11 1/4"

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Multi-Stone Inlay Pendant featuring Turquoise (Diamond-Shaped)


Multi-Stone Inlay Pendant with Turquoise!  This sterling silver diamond-shaped inlay pendant features an eye-catching color combination with finely inlaid Black Jade, Picture Jasper, and Turquoise stones.  Made by Native American (Navajo) jewelry artist,  Tim Charlie.

Artist:  Joy Navasie 'Frogwoman' 





Width:  8" Diameter 

Height:  11 1/4" 

Rug Size:  

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