Sleeping Beauty Turquoise & 14kt Gold Necklace


Beautiful Sleeping Beauty Turquoise & 14kt Gold Necklace!  Three strands of gorgeous Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Stones with perfectly appointed 14kt Gold bead accent spacers.  Made by Native American jewelry artists, Pilar Lovato (Santo Domingo Pueblo) and Curtis Pete (Navajo).  Vibrant stones!  This is an impressive and lovely turquoise / gold necklace.  Fine Native American Turquoise Jewelry-

  • Artist: Pilar Lovato & Curtis Pete
  • Tribe: Santo Domingo Puebloan & Navajo
  • Metal: 14kt Gold
  • Stone: Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
  • Length: 19"
  • Opening: 14kt Gold Toggle Clasp

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Multi-Stone Inlay Pendant featuring Turquoise (Diamond-Shaped)


Multi-Stone Inlay Pendant with Turquoise!  This sterling silver diamond-shaped inlay pendant features an eye-catching color combination with finely inlaid Black Jade, Picture Jasper, and Turquoise stones.  Made by Native American (Navajo) jewelry artist,  Tim Charlie.

Artist:  Pilar Lovato & Curtis Pete 

Tribe:  Santo Domingo Puebloan & Navajo 

Metal:  14kt Gold 

Stone:  Sleeping Beauty Turquoise 

Length:  19" 



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