‘Man in the Maze’ Hopi Belt Buckle by Veryl Pooyouma


Very attractive rectangular-shaped Hopi belt buckle with ‘Man in the Maze’ design.  Made in sterling silver overlay by Hopi jewelry artist and silversmith, Veryl Pooyouma.  Fits up to a 1 1/2″ wide belt.  Very nice work!  Very nice price!

‘Man in the Maze’ pictorial description:

The man at the top of the maze depicts birth.  By following the pattern (maze), the figure (man) goes through the maze encountering many turns and changes, as in life.  As the journey continues, and at each turn, one acquires further knowledge, strength, and understanding.  Near the end of the maze, one retreats to a small corner of the pattern before reaching the dark center of death and eternal life.  Here one reflects back on all the wisdom gained, cleanses, and repents.  Finally in harmony with the world, death and eternal life are accepted.

  • Artist: Veryl Pooyouma
  • Tribe: Hopi
  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Width: 3"
  • Height: 2"

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Fine Indian Art