About Us

Two Grey Hills Indian Arts & Jewelry, located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is a family owned and operated business, which was started in 1976 by Elfriede Jourdan and her son, Gary Mattheis. Elfriede immigrated to the United States from West Germany in 1950 and settled in Jackson Hole, where she immediately developed a strong appreciation for Indian arts.  Elfriede’s love for fine hand-made Native American art continues in this superior gallery, with three generations of the family now playing roles in its success.  Today Gary Mattheis and his son, Scot Mattheis, are proud to offer a beautiful selection of exceptional Native American Art.

After immigrating to the United States, Elfriede Jourdan purchased a laundry service in 1954 named Quality Cleaners.  Among the many things that Elfriede and her son, Gary Mattheis, cleaned over the years were what seemed to be all of the Navajo rugs in and around Jackson Hole.  Elfriede and Gary were always highly impressed by these Navajo weavings; and they learned more, and appreciated them more, every time they cared for a Navajo rug at their cleaners.  Following a few trips to the Navajo Reservation and surrounding areas, their love of Navajo Rugs quickly developed into a deep appreciation and admiration for the works of the jewelry artists, silversmiths, and fetish carvers local to these areas as well.  —  Their love was taking care of their customers; their business was dry cleaning and laundry; their dream was to open an art gallery specializing in hand-crafted Southwest Native American Indian art.  Following years of hard work and saving, their dream was realized when Elfriede and Gary opened Two Grey Hills Indian Arts & Jewelry in 1976, with customer service as their foundation, and with the spotlight on high quality authentic hand-woven Navajo rugs.

Today, Two Grey Hills Indian Arts & Jewelry still specializes in exceptional Navajo rugs, and offers many beautiful hand-made pieces of Hopi, Zuni, and Navajo jewelry.  From Santa Clara pottery to Hopi pottery to Acoma pottery, Two Grey Hills has one of the finest selections of Pueblo pottery available.  Zapotec Indian Rugs, Zuni fetishes, and Southwestern Indian woven baskets are also offered.

In addition to having an exceptional inventory of Southwest Native American Indian art, Two Grey Hills has a reputation for standing behind the merchandise it offers and for a tradition of friendly, courteous service.

Indian RugsExcerpt from a 1976 Jackson Hole News article:

‘A native of Germany, Mrs. Jourdan came to Jackson Hole in 1950.  Several years later she bought the dry cleaners from Cleo Karns, and some years after that the building and real estate.  Since then the business has steadily grown, and last year she was able to expand the building to add on her Two Grey Hills…  The name Two Grey Hills, Mrs. Jourdan explains, is also the name of the finest type of Navajo rug woven.  It has been described by Indian art expert Gilbert S. Maxwell as the “finest rug that has come…from the post-classic Navajo loom.”…  …The gallery, of course, carries them, as well as other Navajo rugs and Indian arts and crafts.  Although the name Two Grey Hills implies a high degree of exclusivity, Mrs. Jourdan also stressed that the high quality also extends to the lower priced items her shop carries.  Jewelry is perhaps the main item, with Hopi, Zuni, and Navajo craftsmanship featured.  In addition to the more common silver and turquoise ware, Mrs. Jourdan’s shop also carries unusual gold jewelry…’




Two Grey HillsExcerpt from a 1978 Jackson Hole Guide article:

‘The jewelry in the display cases is expensive; the Navajo rugs hanging from the walls are the finest Indian weavers produce; the store has the quiet feeling of good taste and the proprietor is at ease, pleased with her domain.  But it’s taken Elfriede Jourdan 25 long years of hard work, scrimping, and no small amount of personal anguish to make Two Grey Hills a reality.  Only a strong person with a rock solid philosophy could persevere to turn a small cleaners into a thriving business that would later furnish the capital for an emporium like Two Grey Hills…  …Elfriede was ready for the plunge into the tricky world of Indian art.  The Navajo rugs, woven by hand in the intricate geometrical patterns, had always intrigued her.  No other store in town specialized in the high quality rugs that often take a year to make.  The name of her new venture, Two Grey Hills, was obvious.  “The Two Grey Hills area in New Mexico is to Navajo rugs what Paris is to Haut Couture,” she explained.  “Size for size, the most expensive and the tightest woven examples of Navajo woven art come from the Two Grey Hills area.”  Her emporium would carry nothing but the finest rugs, the best examples of Zuni inlaid jewelry and sandstone paintings.  The name Two Grey Hills was everything Elfriede stood for… …After several summers in business, Two Grey Hills already has its own following among art and jewelry collectors…  …”I’m very comfortable, very happy.  This is what I’ve always wanted and I’m sorry it took so long to get, but it’s better late than never.”’


Two Grey HillsExcerpt from a 2010 Jackson Hole News & Guide article:

‘Two Grey Hills is one of the longest-running businesses in the valley.  Proprietors Gary Mattheis and Elfriede Jourdan, a son-and-mother team, opened the shop in 1976, and they’ve been selling some of the finest Indian rugs and jewelry I’ve ever seen…  …Two Grey Hills, like other family owned businesses in Jackson, is an important part of our community.  I try to support them whenever possible.’