Jewelry by Artie Yellowhorse

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Showing 1–48 of 127 results

Artie Yellowhorse Jewelry for Sale!!

Our entire online selection of hand-made Native American Jewelry by Navajo artist, Artie Yellowhorse

With influences of the Navajo culture, blended with the bold fashion of the Southwest, this is beautifully refined jewelry/wearable art with a multi-generational evolution. The work of Artie Yellowhorse is not only known for its ancestry, but also for its fresh and contemporary silver creations, skillfully paired with the finest quality stones from around the world including natural Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Coral, Amber, Sugilite, and more.
Artie Yellowhorse lives in Corrales, New Mexico, has two daughters, and enjoys seven grandchildren. Daughters Desiree and LeiLani play very active roles in the company. Desiree, an accomplished jewelry designer, is well known for her beautiful necklace collections. LeiLani specializes in bringing handmade beads to life, and also contributes to the marketing, relations, and management.  A number of Artie’s grandchildren also work full or part time with her, as well.  Unquestionably, Yellowhorse jewelry is a family affair. Artie hopes that today’s Yellowhorse jewelry designs will live on to inspire the young artists of tomorrow.

Artie, Desiree, and LeiLani are TRULY lovely people, and we are exceedingly proud to carry their beautifully handcrafted jewelry in our Gallery.