Blue Diamond Turquoise Jewelry

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Blue Diamond Turquoise Jewelry For Sale!

Here you will find our entire online selection of Blue Diamond Turquoise jewelry for sale, with stones specifically from the ‘Blue Diamond’ mine in Nevada.  This very rare and hard turquoise (some of the hardest turquoise ever found) is quite difficult to come by, so we don’t often have the opportunity to acquire jewelry with this beautiful stone.  When we see nice Native American jewelry with Blue Diamond Turquoise, we are usually excited to buy it!

Blue Diamond Turquoise Mine

The Blue Diamond Turquoise mine was named as such because it produced very very hard turquoise (diamonds are the hardest stones – get it?).  Originally owned by Joe Morris, the Blue Diamond Turquoise mine has changed ownership numerous times over the years.  It was a relatively very small deposit (a ‘hat mine’), and most of the mine’s turquoise stone production happened in the 1960’s & 1970’s.  Throughout the years and multiple owners, the mine has been hardly worked at all since the very end of the 1970’s.  It is currently buried under tons and tons of rock & dirt.

Stones from the Blue Diamond Turquoise mine have ranged from dark blue, to light blue, to even occasionally shades of green… sometimes a ‘swirled’ blue with a ‘smokey’ black matrix.  However, what we picture when we think of ‘characteristic’ Blue Diamond Turquoise is a medium to dark blue with strong blotchy black matrix (exceptionally similar to the ‘characteristic’ look of Stormy Mountain Turquoise).  Definitely rare, virtually always vibrant in color, and displaying a lot of character… stones (and finished jewelry) from the Blue Diamond Turquoise mine in central Nevada are highly valued and collectible!