Carico Lake Turquoise Jewelry

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Carico Lake Turquoise Jewelry For Sale!!

Here you will find our entire online selection of Jewelry with Turquoise specifically from the Carico Lake Turquoise Mine in Nevada. Beautiful, vibrant Carico Lake Turquoise Jewelry!

Carico Lake Turquoise Mine

A dried up lake bed located in a remote part of Lander County, Nevada, the Carico Lake Turquoise mine can produce some absolutely exceptional turquoise. This mine can produce multiple shades of blue turquoise, as well as varying beautiful greens.
The highest grade Carico Lake Turquoise is a gem quality stone that is a much sought-after and quite collectible turquoise. The highest grade is usually a vivid apple green to a beautiful vibrant lime green colored stone. High zinc content is largely responsible for this unique & brilliant green color.
The first recorded mining at the Carico Lake Mine was in 1909. Difficult conditions & climate coupled with a remote location have made mining this claim difficult, and the annual Carico Lake Turquoise yield is relatively low. Multiple owners, including August (Gus) Stenich and JW Edgar, have harvested turquoise here under several different names, including Aurora Turquoise (reportedly named after Gus Stenich’s girlfriend) and Stone Cabin Turquoise. The Carico Lake Turquoise Mine is now owned by Ernie Montoya, a knowledgeable hard worker and a kind honest gentleman.