Duane Maktima Jewelry

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Duane Maktima’s unique jewelry pieces represent the best in quality and spirit of the refined Native American craftsman. As a master Jeweler-Designer-Craftsman, Duane has created a niche/trademark that lives on as heirloom pieces for distinguished collectors worldwide. Duane is known for his use of exotic stones and materials in his jewelry, in a quest to provide vibrant colors and perfectly matched color combinations to jewelry lovers everywhere.

Duane Maktima’s jewelry and art-work is the result of being an accomplished and award-winning jeweler for nearly 40 years. The knowledge, wisdom, and skill gained throughout those years is evident as his work represents a refinement only available by such accomplished hands.

Duane’s mission has been to sustain integrity as a master jewelry artist, craftsman, and designer; striving only for the best. Duane is also deeply rooted as an advocate for the continuation and survival of the cultural arts within his native heritage of the southwestern pueblo people.

Duane Maktima was a premiered artisan for the Chesapeake Gallery at the Grand Opening event of the National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, DC. 2004.

A graduate of Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Ariz.(1981)-College of Creative Arts and recipient of two distinguished Alumni Awards-1990 “Jubilee Year” (100 year celebration) and 1999-”Millenia”(Year 2000-national celebration).

December 2014 thru March 2015, Duane Maktima will be ‘Artist in Residence’ at the Denver Art Museum in conjunction with the “Cartier Jewelry Exhibit” to showcase a tangent jewelry art form. Duane will be working and showcasing his works in the Museum on the Native American Art floor.