Ganado Rugs For Sale

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  • Small Navajo Rug - Smaller GANADO Rug by Navajo Indian weaver, Ethel Yazzie $495-

    Ganado Navajo Weaving by Ethel Yazzie – Small Size Rug

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  • Ganado Navajo Rug - Ganado Rug by Native American Indian (Navajo) weaving artist, Clara Toney $2,950-

    Ganado Weaving by Clara Toney – Smaller Size Navajo Rug

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  • navajo-rug-ganado-rug-by-native-american-indian-navajo-weaving-artist-beth-lewis-4900

    Navajo Ganado Rug by Beth Lewis – Larger Size Navajo Rug

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Showing all 3 results

Ganado Rugs / Weavings For Sale

Excellent authentic hand-made Navajo weavings in the Ganado style.