Navajo Jewelry For Sale

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Showing 1–48 of 532 results


Navajo Indian jewelry artists & silversmiths are renowned world-wide for their exceptionally hand-crafted sterling silver and turquoise jewelry. Two Grey Hills Indian Arts & Jewelry Gallery offers a beautiful selection of Navajo jewelry for sale.  This section invites you to shop through our entire online inventory of Navajo jewelry, and buy something special.

History of Navajo Jewelry

Silversmithing / jewelry-making was likely first introduced to the Navajos by the Spanish in the 1600’s. Silversmithing was much more basic back then, and not employed terribly often.  The Navajo silversmiths of the early 1800’s began making jewelry more and more often as adornments.  Navajo jewelers would hammer coins or melt them down to make their jewelry. Soon stones were used in the jewelry; the most popular of which, obviously, has always been Turquoise. Turquoise was often used by Navajo silversmiths & jewelers because it was readily available in the Southwest; but it is also believed to have healing properties, and was often used in religious ceremonies. In modern times, Navajo jewelry artists / silversmiths are extremely skilled artisans, well versed in many different jewelry-making techniques. Inlay, overlay, oxidation, sandcasting, and especially deep precise hand stampwork is used. Often multiple techniques are even combined, to create stunning silversmithing feats and works of jewelry art. The finest gold and sterling silver are used. Stones are carefully selected for their quality, character, and color. From Turquoise, Sugilite, and Coral, to Spiny Oyster Shell, Lapis, Gaspeite, and Onyx, the Navajo jewelry artists of today can create from a myriad of colors. The varied styles of Navajo Indian jewelry artists of today actually reflect the mastery of jewelry techniques refined over hundreds of years.

We are proud to offer this beautiful selection of hand-crafted Navajo jewelry for sale. Navajo bracelets, Navajo Concho Belts, Navajo necklaces, Navajo pendants, Navajo belt buckles, and more!!