Royston Turquoise Jewelry

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Showing all 12 results

Royston Turquoise Jewelry For Sale!

Here you will find our entire online inventory of Jewelry with Turquoise specifically from the Royston Turquoise mine in Nevada.
Many jewelers love working with Royston Turquoise because of the amazing variety of colors & patterns in this stone. This gives the jewelry artists even more opportunity to be creative – sometimes coupling these beautiful gems with unique designs/patters that make each jewelry item truly one-of-a-kind.
Please explore our selection of wonderful high-quality Royston Turquoise Jewelry, with all of its incredibly attractive & interesting variations!

Royston Turquoise Mine

One of the oldest active mines in Nevada, the Royston Turquoise mine was discovered in 1902 by Lee F. Hand, and originally consisted of four claims: Easter Blue, Bunker Hill, Oscar Wehrend and Royal Blue. The Royston Mining District is located near Tonapah, NV. The Royston Turquoise Mine was acquired by Lynn Otteson in 1958, and is now still operated by the Otteson family. Top-quality high-grade Royston Turquoise is a very hard, collectible stone, with a vast range of colors both in stone and matrix. Royston Turquoise can be found in light blues to occasionally darker blues; blue-greens, light greens, and all the way to deep mossy greens. The matrix can vary from shades of darker brown to a light golden. Sometimes, in one individual stone, you will see a very dark green mixed with very light blue-greens – IT’S FANTASTIC! Royston Turquoise has a lot of character, and is an incredibly interesting stone because of the wide array of color/matrix variations!