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Russell Sanchez Pottery for Sale!

Our online selection of EXQUISITE San Ildefonso Pueblo Pottery by Russell Sanchez.
One of the most talented, innovative, and respected pottery and clay artists of today, Russell Sanchez is a master of combining different techniques to create unique and wonderful pieces of art. His pieces are often dyanamic in form and can include deep carvings, high polish, fine etchings, painting, and inset stones or hei-shi beads.
Russell Sanchez has lived his whole life at San Ildefonso Pueblo, where he learned the traditions of pottery making at a very young age. Russell was greatly influenced by his great-aunt, noted potter Rose Gonzales; and he was further encouraged by Dora Tse-Pe. Russell Sanchez’s deep passion and fine precision truly come through in each piece of pottery! Russell Sanchez and his pottery have consistently been recognized with the most prestigious awards for over 20 years.