Sandra Victorino Pottery

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  • Acoma Pottery - LARGE Jar by Native American Acoma Pueblo Indian potter, Sandra Victorino FOR SALE $2,250-

    Large Pottery Jar by Sandra Victorino (Acoma Pueblo)

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  • Acoma Pottery - Smaller Scalloped Jar by Native American (Acoma) pottery artist, Sandra Victorino FOR SALE $495-

    Sandra Victorino Acoma Pottery Jar

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Showing all 2 results

Sandra Victorino Acoma Pueblo Pottery For Sale!!

Our entire online selection of Sandra Victorino Acoma Pottery.
Highly regarded and award-winning Acoma Pueblo pottery artist, Sandra Victorino, is most widely known for the intricately detailed finely painted geometric patterns on her pottery. Born into the Pueblo of Acoma in 1958, Sandra Victorino grew up watching her grandmother and other family members create pottery and carefully paint each piece of pottery with a yucca brush. Sandra Victorino was further inspired into the art of pottery-making by admiring the work of her mentor and Aunt, Dorothy Torivio, who was likely the most famous contemporary Acoma Pueblo potter. Sandra Victorino strongly believes in the traditional ways of pottery-making and continuing the long pottery legacy of her people. Sandra Victorino gathers and processes her own clay; uses local rocks, plants, and rain water for paints; and pit-fires her pottery.
The end result is always a BEAUTIFUL piece of pottery that took extensive time, effort, history, tradition, and care to create… with the hope of being appreciated in your home!