Julia Jumbo Two Grey Hills Tapestry Rug – Smaller Size Navajo Weaving


Two Grey Hills tapestry weaving by Julia Jumbo.  EXCEPTIONAL Navajo rug by the late master weaver, Julia Jumbo.  Nice single-diamond pattern with attractive colors.  Extremely finely woven with precise crisp lines.  Created in 1966 by master weaver, Julia Jumbo, this masterpiece is a very collectible weaving!

Excerpts from “The Master Weavers” by Mark Winter:

“The clarity in the precision of Julia Jumbo’s designs is unmatched by any other weaver in the region.  Her lines were straight and true…  Julia said that the hardships of her youth made her bitter, but it also made her “try  harder.”  When she “saw others’ rugs” it made her want to “do the next one better”…  Since the 1960’s, Julia was a consistent top prizewinner at juried events around the Southwest.  Next to Master Weaver Daisy Taugelchee, Julia Jumbo is probably the most well-known and highly decorated Toadlena/Two Grey Hills weaver, a well-deserved honor because of her exceptionally fine skills at the loom.   Other weavers of note who were close to Julia Jumbo are Master Weavers Rose Mike, Dorothy Mike, and Georgia Ann Cohoe, … and similarities can be seen in all of their rugs.”

  • Artist: Julia Jumbo
  • Tribe: Navajo
  • Width: 23 1/2"
  • Height: 41"
  • Rug Size: Small

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Multi-Stone Inlay Pendant featuring Turquoise (Diamond-Shaped)


Multi-Stone Inlay Pendant with Turquoise!  This sterling silver diamond-shaped inlay pendant features an eye-catching color combination with finely inlaid Black Jade, Picture Jasper, and Turquoise stones.  Made by Native American (Navajo) jewelry artist,  Tim Charlie.

Artist:  Julia Jumbo 

Tribe:  Navajo 




Width:  23 1/2" 

Height:  41" 

Rug Size: Small 

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