Ramona Curley Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug (circa 1965)

BEAUTIFUL Two Grey Hills Navajo Rug by Master Weaver, Ramona Curley (circa 1965).  Larger size Navajo Weaving.  Extremely attractive single-diamond pattern with an elaborate design.  Wonderful rich colors (9 total) help make this an appealing & vibrant Two Grey Hills rug.  The design has such depth & complication, this rug seems almost three-dimensional… and as Mark Winter states, “The rich grey border has unusual brown floating designs.”  It feels as though parts of this weaving are ‘floating’ above the rest of the rug!  This absolutely lovely rug is featured on page 470 of ‘The Master Weavers’ by Mark Winter.

  • Artist: Ramona Curley
  • Tribe: Navajo
  • Width: 53"
  • Height: 80"
  • Rug Size: Large
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