Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery by Nathan Youngblood


Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery by award-winning artist, Nathan Youngblood. This unique ceremonial bowl is absolutely precise in form, very well polished, and has perfectly carved designs.  This amazing piece features a top portion with beautifully carved Kiva steps and a micaceous sand finish. This beautiful pottery art is approximately 5 3/4″ tall and 6 1/2″ in diameter. Nathan Youngblood is an exceptional, award-winning, and very highly regarded pottery artist from Santa Clara Pueblo.  Nathan, brother of Nancy Youngblood, is a grandson of famed potter Margaret Tafoya, also of Santa Clara Pueblo. Please watch the quick video!

  • Artist: Nathan Youngblood
  • Tribe: Santa Clara Pueblo
  • Width: 6 1/2" Diameter
  • Height: 5 3/4"

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